The Cashiers Valley Craft Show was definately an experience for us; one I think Aubrey and I both enjoyed.  We learned a lot and got our name 'out there' in the local Arts & Crafts community.  Since then, we have booked a few more shows to attend this year as a vendor.  We are also planning on visiting a couple of shows to see about maybe getting involved with them in the future.

Our next event is the Sapphire Valley Arts & Crafts Show, which is this coming weekend, June 27 & 28.  Sapphire is just before Cashiers on Hwy 64 going up Toxaway Mountain.  We would love for you to be able to come see us!  We will be a little more prepared this time.  I actually had a banner made for us to hang in our tent so people will know who we are.  Aubrey thought of a very neat idea for a new flower last week so we have been working on making a bunch of them for this show.  We are very excited about this new design!  If you don't get to make it to the show to see the new flower designs, don't worry, I will have pictures up very soon!  Hope to see you in Sapphire this weekend!

PS - We have Big Ideas and Big Plans for the future... we hope that you will check our website often so that you can 'grow' along with us.  Thank you for all of your support!

Check out the photos from our show.


I just woke up from a very needed nap.  After going to bed around 2:00 AM last night and then getting up at 6:00 AM this morning we headed up to Cashiers for our first day at the Cashiers Valley Spring Fling.  We did forget a couple of minor things (tablecloths) and our booth didn't look quite as fancy as some of the more experienced vendors, but overall I think we did pretty good throwing everything together at the last minute.  The weather was perfect today, warm and sunny but with a cool breeze blowing.  The park holding the show is a beautiful place with lush green grass and little paths that weave around.  They had lots of large trees that provided shade from the hot sun.  People and dogs of all sorts were walking around, mingling and browsing, or having a nice picnic in the shade.  Bella had a wonderful time.  She was our official greeter and thought that everyone was coming just to see her.  She did do a good job getting peoples' attention and drawing them into our booth.  She just sat there and looked at them with her adorable little face until they came in to pet her.  I think we are going to hire her permanently.

We had a lot of interest in our work today.  We sold enough to cover the entrance fee for having a booth in the show but for the most part it was a pretty slow day.  There were lots of lookers but few buyers... and not just at our booth but in general.  We saw very few people all day carrying around bags or purchased items.  Aubrey and I tried to help our our fellow vendors by buying a few things for ourselves.  We saw some very cool stuff for sale.  I bought some beautiful pottery from Cooncats Pottery out of Leicester, NC.  Aubrey purchased a Wood Duck call from Kritter Getters.  There was also beautiful hand made jewelry, knitted and crouched purses, scarves and shaws, very cute puppies for adoption from the Highlands Humane Society, paintings, signs and so much more.  We met some very nice people, including the vendors in the tent next to ours: Joy Beads, Wire & Nature.  Joy makes very pretty jewelry using beads, metal, wire, silver and more.  We got lucky getting set up beside them.  They shared their knowledge as veteran vendors with us, giving us info on future shows and tips through out the day.  We definately learned a lot and got a lot of new ideas for the future!  I enjoyed our first day as a vendor, exhausting as it was, and hope tomorrow is an even better day than today!

Check out our pictures from the show.


Tomorrow and Sunday (June 13 & 14) we will have a tent at the Cashiers Valley Spring Fling!  We are very excited but also very nervous since we have never been to a craft show as a vendor before.  We are both at a little of a loss as to what we can expect, what we will need, how things will work and so on.  Hopefully all will go smoothly and we will see a big turn out with lots of sales and orders!  Be sure to come by and see us!  Ok, now I am off to do all of the stuff we put off to until last minute, which is just about everything!  I can already tell that this is going to be an exhausting weekend... but I'm sure it will be an experience.  Hope to see you in Cashiers!